A Diamond Before You Die

A Neal Rafferty Mystery

Would-be district attorney Richard Cotton has hired private detective Neal Rafferty to keep tabs on his wife. His wife, Paula Cotton, has hired the cool and classy Lee Diamond to keep tabs on her husband. It’s almost Mardi Gras in New Orleans and when the masks go on they hide a multitude of sins.

Like bribery, corruption and drug-running—not to mention Richard Cotton’s particular secret. And when the bodies start showing, Rafferty realizes that adultery is not the name of the game. In the gentleman’s city of New Orleans, all things eventually settle into the Mississippi River mud. It’s a question of what stays buried.

Praise for A Diamond Before You Die:

“A tangle of corrupt politics, drug-peddling and shifting alliances…A hot affair.” Publishers Weekly

“So real are Wiltz’s depiction of her scenes that we are tempted to try to find Rafferty’s Euclid apartments on St. Charles [Avenue]." New Orleans Times-Picayune

“New Orleans-style vice, corruption, and political shenanigans are what it’s all about. Add the carnival atmosphere of Mardi Gras, several grisly murders, and former cop turned private investigator Neal Rafferty, and the result is a highly volatile concoction.” The Armchair Detective

“Right up at the top of the list…ranks New Orleans private eye Neal Rafferty. A Diamond Before You Die is an elegant tale of sexual and political corruption with attractive characters, a tragic story and a very clever mystery.” Andrew Greeley, The Arizona Daily Star